Wine list

White Wine

175ml Glass       250ml Glass    Bottle

Castelli Romani (Italy)   Vol 11.5%                            £4.35                  £5.75             £15.25

Pale straw coloured Italian wine. Pleasant, fresh and fruity.

Frascati (Italy)Vol 11.5%                                                 £4.55                  £5.95          £16.55

Straw-coloured with gold-green highlights, a delicate nose medium bodied, dry, fresh and elegant.

Lindeman’s (Australia)  Vol 12.5 %                           £4.95              £6.65          £17.95

This Australian Chardonnay is rounded and rich with tropical flavours of pinapple and melon.

Pinot Grigio (Italy)  Vol 12%                                          £4.95              £6.65          £17.95

A delightful dry and full flavour white wine with a delicate fragrance and smooth texture.

Domaine des Tourelles (Lebanon)  Vol 14%            £5.45            £6.95          £19.95

Spicy, white peach characters with sublime jasmine aromas.

Gavi (Italy)                                                                             £6.35              £8.35          £22.95

Medium-bodied with fruit finish and subtle minerality.

Rosé Wine

Mateus (Portugal)  Vol 11%                        £4.55              £5.95          £16.55

Young, fresh, fruity and versatile wine.

Pinot Grigio Blush (Italy)  Vol 11.5%    £4.95              £6.65          £17.95

Fruity and refreshing with cherry aroma and strawberry flavours.

Red Wine


175ml Glass       250ml Glass      Bottle

Merlot (Italy)  Vol 12%                                                            £4.35              £5.75          £15.25

Ruby red with violet reflections, lightly vinous yet fine persistent bouquet and flavours of soft ripe fruits.

Montepulciano D’abruzzo (Italy) Vol 12.5%                  £4.55             £5.95          £16.95

Deep cherry-red in colour. A brief period of wood ageing gives a dry, soft and medium bodied and wine.

Scenic Ridge (Australian)  Vol 13.5%                                £4.95              £6.55          £17.95

Rich ripe plum and raspberry fruit flavours, together with soft oak character combine to create a juicy elegant shiraz.

Valpolicella (Italy) Vol 12%                                                   £5.35              £6.85          £18.95

A red ruby dry and full-bodied wine with rich flavours combining the elegance of Amarone with the bright fruit of Vapolicella.

Domaine des Tourelles (Lebanon) Vol 14%                   £5.45              £6.95          £19.95

Bright aromas of cherries, ceddar wood and cracked black pepper. A wine packed with flavour.

Chianti Flask Pietremura (Italy) Vol 12.5%                    £5.95              £7.95          £21.25

A typical, easy-drinking Chianti from central Tuscany bottled in the classic raffia flask, plenty of juicy cherry fruit with good tannins.

Barolo Bruni (Italy)   Vol 14%                                                                                           £36.50

With a strong fragrance of roses, violets, raspberries and a complete range of spices, leather and liquorice.


Champagne & Sparkling Wine                                                                                 Bottle 200ml        Bottle

Prosecco Extra Dry Clivus Italy Vol 11.5%                                                                       £6.95            £21.95

A delightful easy – drinking sparkler, a touch of retained sugar adds a pleasing sweetness to the crisp and aromatic palate.

Sebastian Brut Rosé Italy Vol 12.5%                                                                                                          £24.75

Award winner – a stylish, elegantly structured sparkling wine. The palate is packed with fresh strawberry and ripe tropical fruit flavours.

Moët et Chandon France Vol 12.5%                                                                                                           £44.95

Amongst Champagnes, renowned for its consistent quality, it has become a by-word for style and sophistication.