Desserts and coffees


Sorbet £4.25

Two scoops of lemon sorbet with fresh mint

Ice Cream ££4.25

Two scoops of ice cream, chose from vanilla,

chocolate or strawberry

Baklava £4.25

Selection of Lebanese pastries filled

with syrup & nuts

Profiteroles £4.65

Choux pastry filled with fresh cream, served

with warm chocolate sauce

Tiramisu £4.95

Home made Italian sponge fingers, smothered

in coffee and marsala wine

Cheesecake £5.25

Home made cheesecake with sultanas,

served with strawberry couli

Chocolate fudge cake £5.25

Rich chocolate cake with fudge sauce

served with vanilla ice cream

Apple pie £4.25

Served warm with one scoop of vanilla ice cream

Banofee Pie £5.25

Bananas, cream and toffee, served with fresh cream


Small Desserts All £4.65

Our small desserts are perfectly sized,

to be served with your choice of tea or any coffee   


Made the Italian way, sponge fingers smothered in coffee and marsala wine

Apple Pie

Apple pie served with one scoop of vanilla ice cream


Selection of traditional Lebanese pastries filled

with syrup and nuts

 Ice Cream

One scoops of ice cream: choose from Vanilla,

Chocolate or Strawberry

 Chocolate Fudge Cake

Rich chocolate cake with fudge sauce, served

with whipped cream


Home made cheesecake with sultanas,

served with raspberry couli





Americano Cofee                                                      £2.30

Cappuccino                                                                  £2.40

Tea                                                                                 £2.20

Mint Tea                                                                            £2.40

Hot Chocolate                                                               £2.55

Herbal Tea                                                                          £2.30

Espresso                                                                            £1.90

Double Espresso                                                             £2.50

Caffe Latte                                                                         £2.40

Machiatto                                                                           £2.30

Mocha                                                                       £2.50

Decaffeinated Coffee                                                        £2.00

Caffe Liquori

Irish                                                                               £4.55

French                                                                      £4.55

Calipso                                                                     £4.55

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