Arabic menu

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*241 is not available in December

(gf)Fluten free; (n) Contains nuts; (V) Vegetarian; (Vg) Vegan


Halloumi Fritters (V)

Halloumi cheese fritters in orange sauce £5.60

Fattoush (V)(Vg)

Lebanese mixed salad, served with toasted bread £4.90


Home-made grilled spicy mergues sausage in tomato sauce £5.60

Chicken Briwat

Filo pastry parcels filled with diced chicken, served with garlic mayonnaise £5.70


Asparagus, grilled Halloumi cheese, free-range egg and cream £5.60

Avocado & Halloumi (V)

Grilled Halloumi cheese with tomato, avocado and olive oil £5.90

Felafel & Hummus (V) (Vg) (gf)(n)

Home-made felafel, served n a bed of hummus £5.40

Spinach Briwat

Filo pastry stuffed with baby spinach and cheese, served with garlic mayonnese £5.50

Goat’s cheese & Olives (V) (gf)

Marinated olives, cherry tomatoes, coriander and goat’s cheese £5.40

Zaytoona Dips(gf)

Hummus, Baba Ganouj and Labneh, served with flat bread £5.70

Mezze Starters to Share (for 2)

Vegetarian Platter (V) (n)

Hummus, Spinach Briwat, Tabouleh, Baba Ghanouj, Labneh, Felafel and Stuffed Vine Leaves, served with flat bread.

Special Platter (n)

Chicken Briwat, Lamb Meatballs, Kubah, Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Labneh and Taboulah, served with flat bread.

Seafood Platter (n)

Labneh, Tabouleh, Prawns, Calamari, Hummus, King Prawns and Baba Ghanouj, served with bread.


Hummus (V) (Vg) (n)

Chick peas with olive oil and garlic, served with flat bread £11.90

Baba Ghanouj (V)

Smoked aubergine, sesame oil and garlic, served wth flat bread £12.90

Labneh (V)

Cream cheese, yoghurt and cucumber, served with flat bread £13.90

House Specials

Stuffed Pepper (V)(D)(gf)

Stuffed pepperwith mixed seasonal vegetable, tomato sauce and melted cheese, served with rice £12.90

Lebanese Shawarma

Grilled marinated meal, served with hummus, felafel, salad and flat bread. Choose between lamb, chicken or both £13.50

Sizzling Chicken (D)(gf)

Marinated chicken breast with mixed peppers, onion and Moroccan, served with haressa, grated Halloumi, sour cream and flatbread £14.90


Boneless half duck with fruits f the forest and brandy sauce, served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables £14.90

Meatballs and Chorizo (D)(gf)

Lamb meatballs and chorizo in a red wine and tomato sauce, served with rice £13.90

Lamb Mansoof(gf)(n)

Lamb shank on a bed of rice with sultanas and roasted almonds, and tomato sauce £15.00

Sizzling Duck(gf)(n)

Marinated pulled duck in soy, orange, mixed pepers and spices, served with Haressa, grated Halloumi, sour cream and flat bread £14.90

Mixed Seafood (gf)

Grilled fresh salmon fillet, king prawns, mussels, and roasted almonds, served with rice £15.90

Moroccan tagines

A tagine is a terracotta clay cooking pot in which ingredients slowly simmer. All served with your choice of couscous or rice

Beldi (V)(D)(Vg)(gf)

Seasonal vegetables braised in cinnamon and fresh ginger broth £12.90

Kefta Magwara (D)(gf)

Meatballs gently simmered in tomato sauce, coriander and parsley £13.90

Darna (D)(gf)

Diced beef with fresh ginger, prunes, rasalhanot and seasonal vegetables £14.70

Badawi (D)(gf)

Chicken with olives, potatoes, preserved lemon, saffron and vegetables £13.90


Lamb shank with prunes, potatoes and roasted almonds £14.90


Diced lamb slowly cooked with plum and seasonal vegetables £14.90


Duck leg in mango, cinnamon, ginger, roasted almonds, potatoes and vegetables£14.90

Lebanese Grill

All served with a side order of chips, garlic dip and mixed salad

Halloumi Cheese (V)(D)(gf)

Grilled halloumi cheese, pepper and mushroom on skewers £11.90

Koufta Halabiya (D)(gf)

Smoked seasoned minced lamb with onion, mixed spice and flat parsley £12.90

Sheesh Taok (D)(gf)

Marinated chicken breast in yogurt, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil £13.60

Laham Mashwee(gf)

Marinated leg of lamb cubes, grilled on skewers £13.90

Maswee Moshakel(gf)

With marinated lamb, chicken breast and seasoned minced lamb £14.90


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